Skin Products

Vibrational Beauty Gel(4.6oz.) buy now
Use: AM/PM. All skin types. Apply to clean skin. Follow with moisturizer if necessary. Use with electrical/light stimulation as conductive medium, transmit healing substances into skin through iontophoresis. Can also be used without electrical/light stimulation for skin nutrition and skin irritations. Aloe Vera offers anti-inflammatory effects. Gems provide powerful healing tools as they constantly absorb and emit energy.
Vibrational Beauty Moisturizer(4.1 oz) buy now
Use: AM/PM. All skin types. Great for dry and sensitive skin. Apply to cleansed skin after Renewal Mist or Gel. Can be used around the eyes. Replenishes and increases lost moisture and yin essence of skin. Provides softening with nutrition. Leaves no residue. Absorbs quickly. Gems provide powerful healing tools as they constantly absorb and emit energy.
Vibrational Beauty Renewal Creme (1.7 oz.) buy now
Use: AM/PM. All skin types. Apply to cleansed skin or after VBT Gel. Aids in minimization and elimination of wrinkles. Beneficial for acne, burns, liver spots and scar tissue.
Vibrational Beauty Mudd Masque (5.4 OZ) buy now
Refreshing mask helps deeply cleanses the pores, absorbs excess oil, rejuvenates and refines texture and tone of the skin.
Miracle Noir Mask buy now
The award-winning Miracle Noir Mask. A firming mud mask, oxygen mask, purification mask and an exfoliating mask all in one. A true miracle that provides immediate remarkable results . This mask is a patented innovation, a unique new generation of skin treatment that has an ultra-modern texture and contains powerful anti-oxidants that will leave your skin looking and feeling younger than ever.


Acutron Microlight - Complete Microcurrent System buy now


VB - 1000 Esthetic Stimulator buy now


Healing the Root of Pain book by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. buy now
This is Dr. Starwynn's new book about his PNE Balancing system for treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain and other mind-body disorders. Covers principles and techniques for use of color light, microcurrent, therapeutic sound, essential oils, acupuncture, auricular therapy, intuitive counseling and soul healing methods for effectively addressing these issues. 246 pages, includes new color artwork and profuse photos, diagrams and reference charts.

MEA Book buy now
Microcurrent Electro- Acupuncture (MEA). Bio-electric principles, evaluation and treatment. (Paperback) By: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.,Dipl.Ac.

The definitive reference text is finally here! Are you ready to enhance your clinical results through the powerful principles and techniques of electromedicine? Learn More