People’s skin changes for the better no matter if they are 77 years old, a smoker of 40 years or a 30 year old… everyone gets compliments and everyone notices. The skin gets more youthful and alive!

Penny Ordway, Esthetician/Owner, Eviama Life Spa, Philadelphia, PA

My income has tripled in the 3 months since I’ve added ELR (Energy Light Rejuvenation) to my practice – and without any advertising!

Lori W., Esthetician, Skincare by Lori, Tarzana, CA

My experience of my first (ELR) face-lift procedure: beside an overall clarity in skin tone, the age lines around my mouth were hardly visible, and the puffiness under my eyes disappeared. More importantly, I felt a wonderful sense of calm well-being; my mind was very clear and sharp and has remained so. As a professional musician/pianist, I am finding that my creative energy has been heightened. It is as if my technique has been unleashed, yet outwardly I am very calm, almost peaceful. My arms and back usually get very tense very quickly at the keyboard, but I have felt none of that tension, rather a release and a strange sense of rejuvenation, as if a broken circuit of energy has been repaired. I highly recommend this procedure for an overall life lift!

Nancy, 52 years old, Orlando, FL

Ever since your last fall ELR seminar I have enjoyed so much personal and professional success using (your device) and the ELR products, especially the colored pulsed light. Not only have I enjoyed my practice more than EVER, but my patients are so enthused and impressed with the changes in their faces and whole bodies renewal. Their comments include: ‘my friends swear I had a surgical face-lift!’ - ‘I feel like that man in the Viagra commercial who looks like he has the world on a string’ – ‘People say I look so good – did you lose weight? Did you just come back from a vacation and only after having two treatments’. Another patient adds ‘These treatments make me feel like pure bliss.’
Since I’ve added light technology (to my microcurrent therapies), I’m getting more dramatic, profound and better results. Patients seem to relax better and feel energized afterwards.

Susan Roffman, RN, Acupuncture Physician, Orlando, FL

Using your equipment has truly revolutionized my dermatology practice. There are a few people who come along and make a really significant change in my practice and you are one, Dr. Starwynn. It’s truly amazing. I’ve only had it for 3 – 4 days and already I’ve treated 10 people, most with great results.

Don Baker, M.D., Gibbsboro, NJ

Quantum healing techniques are fascinating. You do an excellent job of presenting and dispersing information. I look forward to putting this into practice.

Renee Hubbs, Licensed Acupuncturist, Okemos, MI