Energy Light Rejuvenation™ and the ELR™ Technique

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ provides a holistic method of beautification that goes far beyond any of our competitors, because we address rejuvenation at the the vibrational level. ELR consists of 7 Phases of treatment that, when combined into a one-hour session, provide a comprehensive, rejuvenating and deeply satisfying experience for your clients. Although it is recommended to give all 7 Phases of treatment, they may be selected or customized to meet the needs of your individual clients.

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ is a combination of energetic stimulation through Microcurrent and Therapeutic Light and Color and the application of specially formulated topical nutrients in the Vibrational Beauty™ Skin Renewal line. The ELR™ techniques and treatment system work to halt and reverse the aging process. The results are real. And they are beyond beautiful!

Select from 12 color light treatments to address the individual needs of your client. Treatment phases are detailed in the ELR™ Manual, included in the system. Toll-free telephone support and basic training is also included. Ongoing ELR™ training is available through East-West Seminars.

We highly recommend that anyone interested in ELR™ attend one or more of our seminars to get a thorough understanding of the treatment technology, products and the latest application techniques. See the Training and Education page for additional information.