What is ELR™?

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ is the total solution to achieving optimum beauty. Healthy skin tone is the direct reflection of inner balance. The ELR™ system is safe, non-invasive and yields results that are taken to the next level! ELR™ combines acu-point microcurrent electrical stimulation, color light therapy and specifically formulated skin renewal products to provide a rejuvenating treatment that meets an individual’s definition of beauty. One that is as unique as your client.

It’s truly amazing.

Don Baker, M.D., Gibbsboro, NJ

Microcurrent technology is at the core of Energy Light Rejuvenation™. This technology has been used successfully for decades by acupuncturists, chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists and other professionals for pain management and treating medical conditions. It is an extraordinarily effective modality for meridian balancing, healing acceleration and non-needle acupuncture.

Whole body treatment is where microcurrent facial rejuvenation began. After a physician treated a client for Bell’s Palsy paralysis with microcurrent, the client came back and asked that the same treatment be done for the other side of her face. She noticed a dramatic difference in her appearance. On the treated side, facial lines were much softer, her skin had a firmer tone and appeared lifted, and her eyes were more open. These incredible results were repeated, and as the development of microcurrent facial rejuvenation progressed, our researchers became aware that the visible results weren’t merely superficial. Additional benefits were occurring beneath the skin. Clients told us they were feeling better, calmer and enjoyed a vibrant sense of wellbeing!

The Technology
of ELR™

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ combines 4 powerful beautifying and energy balancing modalities into one streamlined, easy to use system. These modalities include:

  • Gentle Microcurrent Electrical Stimulation
  • Therapeutic Color Light
  • Sound Resonant Therapies
  • Specially-Formulated Skin Renewal Products

These devices, used in conjunction with the ELR™ Skin Renewal Products, produce outstanding facial rejuvenation results.

The ELR™ System equipment is comprised of:

  • VB 1000 Esthetic Stimulator
  • Color/Light Probe System
  • Neck Bar Probe Set

The system comes complete with:

  • Step-By-Step Manual
  • Telephone Training Sessions with a licensed Energy Light Rejuvenation™ expert
  • Unlimited Email Support