Here’s what ELR™ clients have to say about their Energy Light Rejuvenation experience:

ELR™ is like sleeping peacefully for an hour and waking up ten years younger!

Teri Sherman, DC, Phoenix, AZ

I’ve seen at least a 40% increase in effectiveness on each of my clients...My customers are giving me more referrals without me even asking!

Tanya Whitesell, Esthetician, Scottsdale, AZ

Ever since the ELR™ seminar, I have enjoyed so much personal and professional success using your microcurrent and colored light...my clients are so enthused and impressed with their face (& whole body) renewal. Their comments are, ‘My friends swear I had a surgical facelift!’ Since I’ve added light technology (to my microcurrent therapies), I’m getting more dramatic, profound and better results. Clients seem to relax better and feel energized afterwards.

Susan Roffman, RN, Acupuncture Physician, Orlando, FL

People's skin changes for the better no matter if they are 77 years old, a smoker of 40 years or a 30 year-old...Everyone gets compliments and everyone notices. The skin looks more youthful and alive.

Penny Ordway, Esthetician/Owner, Eviama Life Spa, Philadelphia, PA

Using your equipment has truly revolutionized my dermatology practice. There are a few people who come along and make a really significant change in my practice and you are one, Dr. Starwynn. I’ve found the meridian balancing treatment alone helpful for psoriasis in my early experience with the unit. It’s truly amazing. I’ve only had it for 3-4 days and already I’ve treated 10 people, most with great results.

Don Baker, M.D., Gibbsboro, NJ