VB 1000 Esthetic Stimulator $8,995.00

NOTE:The VB1000 is sold only to practitioners. Please call 1-888-803-7397 for complete details on how you can get started with the VB1000

The VBT System is comprised of: the VB1000 Esthetic Stimulator, Color/Light Probe System, Neck Bar Probe set and the VBT line of all-natural ionic skin products. Vibrational Beauty Therapy is a revolutionary new system of facial rejuvenation that offers a preferred alternative to other more invasive and expensive treatments. It combines four powerful beautifying and energy balancing modalities into one stream-lined system. These modalities include gentle microcurrent electrical stimulation, color/light and sound resonance therapies, massage and specially formulated facial and skin healant products. Developed according to the principles of Chinese medicine, VBT works in harmony with the natural energy systems of the body. Using VBT, one can expect to acheive superior results in wrinkle reduction and other de-aging effects without any discomfort or side effects. This cutting-edge holistic treatment system is easy to learn and apply, and extremely effective. Visible results are noticeable after only one session.

* 7 Phase Pre-programmed Facial Treatment Settings
* 13 Pre-set Treatments, programmable for 12 more
* Color/Light Probe Set (Includes 12 color filters)
* Intensity: 25-600 uA (microcurrent)
* Frequency: 0.1-1000 Hz. Special frequency range offered for interferential (4000-4250 Hz) 0-25 mA (milliamp)
* Polarities: Positive, Negative, Biphasic
* Waveforms: Square, slope, modified square and sawtooth in microcurrent range and pulse & sine in milliamp range
* 4 Custom Modulations
* Each VB1000 unit includes extensive instruction manual and personal foundational training

* Unique integration of microcurrent electrical stimulation with color resonance therapy for enhanced & longer lasting results
* Simple One Step Set-up
* Easy to Learn and Use

* Color/Light Probe Set
* Neck/Bar Probe
* 4 lead wires
* 4 Pkg Electrode Pads
* Training Manual
* Instruction Manual
* 2-Hours VBT Training
* Starter Kit of VBT Skin Care Products